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About Praise2Go

Online Christian Radio – Get it to Go!

Praise 2 Go Radio was birthed out of a three-fold vision. First, we live in a world that has become consumed with speed and quickness. This is obvious in the fact that we want fast food, fast service, and fast information. Taking this into account, we believe we can fulfill the Great Commission of going to all nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ through the fast, quick, and high speed capacity of internet radio.

Second, Praise 2 Go Radio was created as an outreach extension of our church, The River Christian Center, located in Springfield, Virginia. This is a great opportunity for us to introduce the world to our Sunday morning services, our children’s ministry, special events, upcoming early learning center and K-12 school.

Third, Praise 2 Go Radio offers churches , ministries, pastors, and companies the opportunity to advertise at a much more affordable rate and reach than commercial radio. You don’t need a big budget or a lot of money to start promoting your church or to begin advertising your services or products to a global market. Praise 2 Go Radio can and will customize an advertising package to get you heard and to help you succeed. Whether you are in Algiers or Zaire, 24/7, people can log on, power up, and hear you or your message.