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Tim McDuffie

Tim McDuffie is an up and coming songwriter and vocalist. He has been known to wow audiences with his soulful tenor voice. Tim began his singing career at an early age in the Sunshine Band at the Redeem COGIC in Richmond, VA, under the pastorship of the late Willie Weatherspoon. It was there that he developed his love for music and the Lord Jesus Christ. He has sung and performed with several different groups and artists such as The Richmond Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Chris Thomas and the New Community COGIC Radio Choir, Yolanda Adams, Shun Pace, Stu Gardner, Savannah Community Choir, Dorothy Norwood, and Dawn Lewis, among others.

Tim received his Bachelors of Music from Norfolk State University where he studied vocal performance under the tutelage of Dr. Carl G. Harris. At NSU, he was the regional winner of the Leontyne Price Vocal Competition in 1997. Tim is also a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc.

Upon graduating from Norfolk State University he relocated to Washington, DC where he began his career as a music teacher for the District of Columbia Public Schools. In 2002 he joined the Greater Mt. Calvary Holiness Church under Bishop Alfred A. Owens and Co-Pastor Susie C. Owens, where he served on the praise team and in the sanctuary choir. Tim is currently a member of Judah Christian Center where the pastors are Pastor Marvin and Co-Pastor Veda McCoy. He serves on the praise team as one of the Praise & Worship Leaders.

Tim is the primary writer of most of the music for his first solo project which is destined to be a blessing to the nations. His EP entitled, “He Reigns” was released June 1st, 2013. To God Be The Glory!

Valerie Woodard

Valerie Woodard is a Psalmist/Singer, Songwriter and Actor. She began singing at age eleven and soon after, united her love for music with the love of Christ and a desire to serve Him. Valerie’s aspiration is to touch, and encourage the hearts of man through her gift and anointing.

She shares the intimate details of her experiences with Christ through what she has termed “LifeMusic”: Spiritually uplifting music for the mind, body and soul. In Addition to writing for herself, Valerie also writes for other artists, choirs and theater through her publishing company PsalmTree Publishing.

Valerie’s first CD project, Relationship, included the radio singles ‘This Joy’ and ‘You Are The One God’. That album was released on Whole Armor Recordings (owned by her husband and manager, Vincent Woodard). Valerie is preparing for the release of her sophomore album, ‘Relationship II: Closer’ due fall of 2014.

Has Shared the stage with:

  • Yvette Williams (Kurt Carr Singers), Ben Tankard, Dewayne Woods and others.

Acting Roles:

  • Purlie: Luttiebelle Gussie Mae Jenkins
  • Afric’s Muse: Keisha, Mother, Phyllis Wheatley’s friend
  • You Wouldn’t Expect: May Rivers, Temperance Hedgepeth


  • ECMA (Excellence in Christian Music Academy) Award recipient
  • H.R.H.A (Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority) Hall of Fame Award recipient
  • Divine Showcase Guest Artist (Divine Concept Group)
  • American Music Guild (AMG) Heritage Award Nominee (Female Vocalist of the Year)
  • Apollo Theater (Harlem, New York)

Contact info
Manager: Vincent Woodard
Phone: (252) 292-6928

On the web
Facebook: Valerie Woodard
Twitter: @ValerieWoodard

Chad Brawley

The name Chad Brawley may or may not sound familiar to you, however, after one listen to his debut single ‘Greater‘, you’re certain to acknowledge that Chad isn’t new when it comes to making music. The Houston native has been involved in music ministry since he was 11 years old. Chad has served as a travelling consultant, workshop facilitator, mentor, educator, accompanist, and producer. He has also worked for mega-ministries including The Potter’s House, Heritage Christian Center, and the historical Good Hope Baptist Church in Houston, TX. Chad currently serves as the Director of Worship Arts at The Luke Church of Humble, TX, one of the fastest growing congregations in the southern region.

Most recently, Chad and his team recorded “The We Worship Experience”, geared toward renewing participatory, vertical congregational worship. Co-produced by Grammy nominated producers Terence Vaughn and Cedric Smith, “The We Worship Experience” features guest vocals from Sheri Jones-Moffett, Daniel Johnson, Gene Moore, Cheryl Fortune, and others. Be on the lookout for more music from Chad as he prepares to introduce the world to his debut full-length project, “The We Worship Experience”, releasing Spring 2015.


God gives His minstrels songs of praise to sing. Some choose to sing their songs in spite of the trials and enormous challenges they have endured. With a testimony on her lips and new songs of praise in her heart, Gospel recording artist Sharetta-Nicole, an award winning Gospel songstress, is ready to set the world on fire for the Lord. An impeccable vocalist and gifted songwriter, Sharetta-Nicole was introduced to the Gospel music industry with her debut release, Level One: Jeremiah 29:11. Now the Atlanta-based singer is prepping a new CD and the first song out of the gate is the catchy and rhythmic track, “B.O.S.S.”. It’s just a taste of what’s to come from this dynamic and inspirational artist.

Hailing from the streets of Detroit, Michigan, Sharetta-Nicole was raised by her parents with nine siblings. Almost from the start, her childhood was a troubled one. Recounting the harrowing story, she says, “I was molested at a very young age by a brother and an uncle. When I was 12 years old, I lost my father in an unfortunate and tragic medical accident. Responding to the screams of my mother, my brothers and I ran to the bedroom to find my father lying against the bed on one knee dying. In my heart and spirit I felt my father’s spirit leaving the room and I knew right then and there that my father was not returning back home to us. It appears as though a dental procedure that had taken place less than 24 hours earlier apparently caused a blood clot to develop, which led to a stroke.” Unfortunately, Sharetta-Nicole’s misery did not end there.

With her mother having to raise the children alone, life was tough. The cycle of loss and grief continued in Sharetta-Nicole’s life with the deaths of a niece, who died in her sleep, and another niece and nephew who passed away in a house fire. Her mother and sister were kidnapped and ultimately her sister was raped and her mother was murdered. Later on, she lost a brother to AIDS.

After going through stages of deep depression and even suicide attempts, Sharetta-Nicole was introduced to Jesus Christ at the age of 15. That one decision changed the entire trajectory of her life. Enduring what few can imagine, Sharetta-Nicole is quick to say that it was her faith that kept her going. “I know that God is in the midst of my testimony because He is the one that brought me through it all,” she says.  “I tell my story because I see and feel the power behind it; I believe it’s a source of strength and healing to those who have had similar experiences.  I know there are many people who can relate to physical and emotional pain, hurt, frustrations, feelings of abandonment, fears and the stresses of life. But I also know that there are many that can relate to the joy and peace that God gives you in a time of great need.”

Sharetta-Nicole has taken her life experiences and poured them into her music. An enthusiastic young woman of God, she is truly blessed. A multi-talented musician and vocalist since her youth, she is reaching the masses with her message and her music. Level One: Jeremiah 29:11 was the first studio album written and co-produced by Sharetta-Nicole.  The project was a Gospel infused style of modern music, diverse in its approach featuring styles from Contemporary Christian Music to worship to Holy Hip Hop. Songs like “Therapy” and “High Praises” were featured on the CD, helping Sharetta-Nicole acquire a strong fan base.

Now she’s readying her sophomore musical offering, as yet untitled. The new track listeners will hear first is the newly-released “B.O.S.S.”, a fresh-sounding, in-your-face song. Standing for “Better Off Saving Souls,” “B.O.S.S.” was inspired by the crucifixion of Christ. Sharetta-Nicole penned the song and says, “To me, a BOSS is someone who can endure and still come out on top,” she says. “That’s exactly what Jesus Christ did on the cross.” The bold track, combining a little pop with a little electronica with a little rap, flaunts Sharetta-Nicole’s strong vocals. Another favorite from the forthcoming release is “Holy’, a moving and reverent worship song. It’s a breathtaking love song to the Lord.

An Urban Inspiration Award Winner and a nominee for Atlanta’s Hottest Gospel Award, the Independent Gospel Artist Alliance Award and Rhythm of Gospel Award, Sharetta is one of the industry’s most talked-about newcomers. She’s opened up for Canton Jones, Rance Allen, Earnest Pugh and Martha Munizzi.

Blessed for the opportunities she’s been given and the doors God has opened, Sharetta-Nicole is grateful. “I’m committed to serving the Lord through the life that I am living, through my very existence and through this ministry,” she shares.  “God is doing great things in my life. This journey has not been easy but through it all, God has been by my side. I will forever give Him the praise.”

Lindsay Slaton

As a singer and song writer Lindsay Slaton was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and began her music career at an early age, by singing in the children’s choir at Mount Hermon Baptist Church. It was there that Lindsay discovered her voice. As Lindsay’s relationship with God grew, her desire to express her love for God through music grew as well. Now at the age of 31 Lindsay has not only matured vocally but also in her skill to write music. Residing in Waldorf, MD Lindsay is currently singing and performing in a local gospel group known as “The Voices of Inspiration” and recording her debut solo project titled Close To You to be released soon.

The debut CD, Close To You is full of inspirational messages that will minister to your spirit in it’s own way. There is no doubt of her love for God and the passion she has for her music. With her strong vocal ability and creativity, Close To You makes for an outstanding debut!

​Her first release is a reflection of her trials and battles that God has given her the strength to overcome. Lindsay truly believes that God has given her the words to say and the voice to reach his people. “I like to think of it as me taking dictation from him. May my music be a blessing to you as it has been for me.”

Dameion Roy

The place between where we want to be, and where we are, is often a place of contentment or resentment for most. Most find that refining place, or that threshing place, to be tough beyond measure and a situation they would not wish for anyone. However, that is not the case of Dameion P. Roy, Sr. Dameion, or Moe as he is known to close family and friends, lives by the mantra that “Sometimes, there are failures on this journey, but giving up should never be an option.”

Born and raised in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C., it was during those formative years in the tough streets of D.C. that Dameion saw the need to embrace every step of the journey as a stepping stone towards success. A self-described vigilant and devoted man of the Christian faith, Dameion never forgot those years and made a purposeful and conscientious choice to mentor and teach in the D.C. Public School System, after graduating with his Bachelo’s degree in Music Education. Considered by both his colleagues and leaders in the school system as one of the best, he is currently rated as highly effective. That title and honor is descried as being “[a] rating [that] signifies outstanding performance, […] with access to a variety of leadership opportunities.” Dameion does not take lightly the fact that he is a natural leader who is not only called to lead, but to insprire those whoa re surroundeed by him. When reflecting upon words he would give to those who asked for advice, he had this to say about leadership. “…At any givien tie it may be uncomfortable during the process, but it will most surely yield a harvest for you and those around you.” It is in that very same vein of public servitude that Dameion finds honor and value in serving the Kingdom of God. When he is not busy shaping the young minds of the leaders of tomorrow, he is a member of the Friendship Church Outreach Community in Maryland (FCOM), where the pastor is Dr. Bonnie Hunter. Serving in various capacities throughout the ministry, Dameion is a worship leader and elder in the church; service alongside with beautiful wife, Shonita and their three children. Further answering the call to lead and the call upon his life, in October of 2012, Dameion was elevated to the office of Assistant Pastor of FCOM; in an intimate service with the church, his family, and friends in attendance.

That installation came in a much highlighted time of Dameion’s life. The man who is often leading and always serving, made the decision with the support of his wife, to embark upon his first passion; and that is music. In August of 2012, in a cherished setting with dedicated vocalist and producers from the DMV area, Dameion recorded the vocals and laid the tracking for his highly anticipated album, “I Believe”, being released. A project near to his heart, it was recorded in the same vein of the belief that accomplishments, with a spirit of devotion, come with a story of work ethics and faithfulness. That ethic and faithfulness is not lost in Dameion’s work, as it is his hope that every single listener of the project walks away inspired to be dedicated to win.

When encouraged this year to reflect upon what success meant to him, Dameion said “Success is being able to overcome or accomplish something, even against many odds that have been purposed to deter you on this journey called life. Success i being triumphant… success is being a survivor… success is fulfilling your dreams conquering the enemy within.” It is evident that Dameion is not only a man who is effectively called to lead, but the is also a reflective man who wishes for the best for not only himself, but those around him. He often meditates and reflects upon the Scripture, which beseeches in Mark, chapter 9, verse 23 of the New International Version that “Everything is possible for him who believes.” One famed commentator says of that passage “My doing all depends on my believing.” And, it is what that, that Dameion P. Roy stands at the forefront of this now generation as not only a leader, but also a servant. For he is doing a masterful job at living the lesson, that when you serve you lead and when you lead you serve.

He never forgot those humble beginnings; those strange places; that in-between space; the moment between his yesterday; and his success of today. In that not forgetting, Dameion P. Roy is a leader who is not afraid to lead and give God the flory, and because of all that — is blazing a trail of his own.


Linda Ross Brown

Music With A Mission

Linda Ross Brown is a singer, songwriter, choir director and missionary. After growing up in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, she received a Bachelors Degree in Music from UNC Charlotte, and two Master Degrees in Music Education and Secondary Education from Duquesne University. Music has always been an integral part of Linda’s life. In 2013, Linda released her first gospel album, Bread of Heaven. This album consists of ten original Gospel songs based on the word of God that vary in style from Praise and Worship, to Urban and Traditional, to a blend of African and Haitian music. The leading song from the album, With God All Things Are Possible, is No. 1 on the Top 30 Chart of Indie Artists listed by the national magazine, Gospel USA, June-July 2014 Issue. She was interviewed and on the cover page of Gospel Synergy Radio Magazine in May 2014. Proceeds from Bread of Heaven album sales go to missions in Haiti, Liberia and Zimbabwe.

Known for her angelic voice and anointed singing, Linda was invited to sing at the 2012 Church of God In Christ Installation Service for the Bishop of Haiti in Haiti. She sings on numerous occasions at churches and events in Haiti, Liberia, Zimbabwe, and in the Eastern United States. In 2013 Linda sang at the National Lott Carey Mission Convention in Washington, D.C., and she was recently appointed Song Leader of the Lott Carey Planning Conference Women’s Division. Linda is founder and former singer with the Contemporary Gospel Ensemble and newly Recording Artist, Voices For Christ.

Linda’s love for music and God’s favor have afforded her many unique and varied experiences. She frequently travels to the countries of Haiti, Liberia and most recently Zimbabwe where she sings and teaches music. While teaching music at the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, Linda’s Choral Ensemble performed one of her original songs for First Lady Michelle Obama and for the 2009 G20 Summit. World-renowned cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, expressed an interest in Linda’s song and performed her original composition with the Choir. While teaching at Pittsburgh’s Westinghouse High School, Linda was recognized by Newsweek Magazine as having one of the most successful music assessment programs in the country.

Linda and her husband, Rev. James E. Brown, are co-founders of the non-profit organization – Mercy Acts International (MAI). MAI raised funds to purchase a new tractor for the Lott Carey Mission School in Liberia, and MAI is currently raising funds to dig a well in Zimbabwe. Linda loves the Lord and is passionate about serving God and His people.

Linda Ross Brown
P.O. Box 9105
Pittsburgh, PA 15224


Shawn Bigby

Artist: Shawn Bigby

Label: Music2ChangeU Records

Single: Never Go A Day (Length 4:30)

About Shawn

  • Currently on tour with legendary Pastor John P. Kee and New Life
  • Has written for numerous artists including Earnest Pugh, NY Restoration Choir, First Cathedral Mass Produced by Kevin Bond, Twinkie Clark and others.
  • Producer Credits for Earnestly Yours Project Earnest Pugh (You Deserve It)
  • Praise and Worship Leader New Life Church Charlotte, NC, Pastor John P. Kee
  • Featured Lead on 2012 Stellar Award Winning CD Pure N Heart “Teen Pure N Heart Live”
  • Featured on latest John P. Kee single Walking in Favor with Zacardi Cortez and Pastor Kee

What Are Others Saying

“Shawn Bigby is the voice of modern day praise and worship. He has the heart of God and invites all worshippers into the presence of the Lord. – Bishop Jason Nelson

“Shawn Bigby puts the R in relevant! That totally describes his approach to Today’s Music Ministry! His vocals are impeccable, his writing insightful but most of all his Worship is transparent! Being able to share with him on a weekly basis has been a true blessing to me and the thousands that have experienced his essence! I love this Brother.” – Pastor John P. Kee

Shawn Is Available for:

  • Concerts
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Panels
  • Interviews

Contact: 864-387-6228

Connect with Shawn on:

Lady Voncile Belcher

Voncile Belcher, the voice that rejuvenates Traditional Gospel Music. Born in the small town of Ozark, Alabama, she enjoyed singing for her family. She hails from a strong religious background. With deep gospel roots her yearning to sing thrived. You first heard her sing lead on the his single “Look Where He Brought Me From” with the Georgia Mass Choir. Today, her love for Gospel has awarded her many opportunities to minister through music, and has led Voncile Belcher to peruse her forthcoming solo project. Glory Bound Records releases her Smash New Single, Alright, written by Voncile herself, and produced by Pastor Tim Fryar of New Me Productions. The single has received rave reviews!

Facebook: Voncile Belcher
Twitter: Ladyvon777

Ronnette Harrison

Vocalist / Pianist / Composer / Piano Instructor / Vocal Coach

There is a popular statement that says, “Those who can’t do, teach.” To the contrary emerges an extraordinary music teacher who is discrediting this phrase and evolving as an exceptional educator of the arts and a phenomenal Gospel vocalist. Ronnette Harrison is a vocalist with exquisite tone, a composer of prolific melodies, and an accomplished pianist and organist. Ronnette received a Bachelor Degree in Music Education from Towson University and previously taught in Prince George County Schools in Maryland. Now Ronnette administers private vocal and piano instruction and is making her debut as a Gospel music artist with her first solo album entitled JOURNEY, which was released in March 2014. It is available on most music sites such as iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Indie Authors & More Marketplace ( or her website,

Ronnette began performing as a singer and musician with Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee Shirley Ables & The Joy Gospel Singers at the age of 11 and has recorded with numerous artists including Vicki Yohe, Pastor Shirley Caesar and Dorothy Norwood. Ronnette is now stepping out as a solo artist after spending time as a singer with Stellar Award winning groups Isaiah D. Thomas & Elements of Praise, and Mike McCoy & Voices United.

The songstress recently performed on the television show “Rejoice in the Word”, which airs on The Word Network. In the Summer of 2013, she delivered a stunning performance garnering a standing ovation from industry executives and artists in Chesapeake, VA at the Independent Gospel Artists Alliance Conference. “Ronnette Harrison just simply blew us away at the IGAA Conference,” shares Phillip Carter, Award Winning Gospel artist and founder of Independent Gospel Artists Alliance. “Her voice and anointing changed the atmosphere in the room. She will be a breath of fresh air in Christian Music.”

As a highly sought after music instructor, worship psalmist, and musician, Ronnette has an increasingly busy schedule. For booking, visit her website:, email: or call 202-740-4972.