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Chad Brawley

Chad Brawley

The name Chad Brawley may or may not sound familiar to you, however, after one listen to his debut single ‘Greater‘, you’re certain to acknowledge that Chad isn’t new when it comes to making music. The Houston native has been involved in music ministry since he was 11 years old. Chad has served as a travelling consultant, workshop facilitator, mentor, educator, accompanist, and producer. He has also worked for mega-ministries including The Potter’s House, Heritage Christian Center, and the historical Good Hope Baptist Church in Houston, TX. Chad currently serves as the Director of Worship Arts at The Luke Church of Humble, TX, one of the fastest growing congregations in the southern region.

Most recently, Chad and his team recorded “The We Worship Experience”, geared toward renewing participatory, vertical congregational worship. Co-produced by Grammy nominated producers Terence Vaughn and Cedric Smith, “The We Worship Experience” features guest vocals from Sheri Jones-Moffett, Daniel Johnson, Gene Moore, Cheryl Fortune, and others. Be on the lookout for more music from Chad as he prepares to introduce the world to his debut full-length project, “The We Worship Experience”, releasing Spring 2015.

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