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Dameion Roy

Dameion Roy

The place between where we want to be, and where we are, is often a place of contentment or resentment for most. Most find that refining place, or that threshing place, to be tough beyond measure and a situation they would not wish for anyone. However, that is not the case of Dameion P. Roy, Sr. Dameion, or Moe as he is known to close family and friends, lives by the mantra that “Sometimes, there are failures on this journey, but giving up should never be an option.”

Born and raised in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C., it was during those formative years in the tough streets of D.C. that Dameion saw the need to embrace every step of the journey as a stepping stone towards success. A self-described vigilant and devoted man of the Christian faith, Dameion never forgot those years and made a purposeful and conscientious choice to mentor and teach in the D.C. Public School System, after graduating with his Bachelo’s degree in Music Education. Considered by both his colleagues and leaders in the school system as one of the best, he is currently rated as highly effective. That title and honor is descried as being “[a] rating [that] signifies outstanding performance, […] with access to a variety of leadership opportunities.” Dameion does not take lightly the fact that he is a natural leader who is not only called to lead, but to insprire those whoa re surroundeed by him. When reflecting upon words he would give to those who asked for advice, he had this to say about leadership. “…At any givien tie it may be uncomfortable during the process, but it will most surely yield a harvest for you and those around you.” It is in that very same vein of public servitude that Dameion finds honor and value in serving the Kingdom of God. When he is not busy shaping the young minds of the leaders of tomorrow, he is a member of the Friendship Church Outreach Community in Maryland (FCOM), where the pastor is Dr. Bonnie Hunter. Serving in various capacities throughout the ministry, Dameion is a worship leader and elder in the church; service alongside with beautiful wife, Shonita and their three children. Further answering the call to lead and the call upon his life, in October of 2012, Dameion was elevated to the office of Assistant Pastor of FCOM; in an intimate service with the church, his family, and friends in attendance.

That installation came in a much highlighted time of Dameion’s life. The man who is often leading and always serving, made the decision with the support of his wife, to embark upon his first passion; and that is music. In August of 2012, in a cherished setting with dedicated vocalist and producers from the DMV area, Dameion recorded the vocals and laid the tracking for his highly anticipated album, “I Believe”, being released. A project near to his heart, it was recorded in the same vein of the belief that accomplishments, with a spirit of devotion, come with a story of work ethics and faithfulness. That ethic and faithfulness is not lost in Dameion’s work, as it is his hope that every single listener of the project walks away inspired to be dedicated to win.

When encouraged this year to reflect upon what success meant to him, Dameion said “Success is being able to overcome or accomplish something, even against many odds that have been purposed to deter you on this journey called life. Success i being triumphant… success is being a survivor… success is fulfilling your dreams conquering the enemy within.” It is evident that Dameion is not only a man who is effectively called to lead, but the is also a reflective man who wishes for the best for not only himself, but those around him. He often meditates and reflects upon the Scripture, which beseeches in Mark, chapter 9, verse 23 of the New International Version that “Everything is possible for him who believes.” One famed commentator says of that passage “My doing all depends on my believing.” And, it is what that, that Dameion P. Roy stands at the forefront of this now generation as not only a leader, but also a servant. For he is doing a masterful job at living the lesson, that when you serve you lead and when you lead you serve.

He never forgot those humble beginnings; those strange places; that in-between space; the moment between his yesterday; and his success of today. In that not forgetting, Dameion P. Roy is a leader who is not afraid to lead and give God the flory, and because of all that — is blazing a trail of his own.


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