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Lindsay Slaton

Lindsay Slaton

As a singer and song writer Lindsay Slaton was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and began her music career at an early age, by singing in the children’s choir at Mount Hermon Baptist Church. It was there that Lindsay discovered her voice. As Lindsay’s relationship with God grew, her desire to express her love for God through music grew as well. Now at the age of 31 Lindsay has not only matured vocally but also in her skill to write music. Residing in Waldorf, MD Lindsay is currently singing and performing in a local gospel group known as “The Voices of Inspiration” and recording her debut solo project titled Close To You to be released soon.

The debut CD, Close To You is full of inspirational messages that will minister to your spirit in it’s own way. There is no doubt of her love for God and the passion she has for her music. With her strong vocal ability and creativity, Close To You makes for an outstanding debut!

​Her first release is a reflection of her trials and battles that God has given her the strength to overcome. Lindsay truly believes that God has given her the words to say and the voice to reach his people. “I like to think of it as me taking dictation from him. May my music be a blessing to you as it has been for me.”

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