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God gives His minstrels songs of praise to sing. Some choose to sing their songs in spite of the trials and enormous challenges they have endured. With a testimony on her lips and new songs of praise in her heart, Gospel recording artist Sharetta-Nicole, an award winning Gospel songstress, is ready to set the world on fire for the Lord. An impeccable vocalist and gifted songwriter, Sharetta-Nicole was introduced to the Gospel music industry with her debut release, Level One: Jeremiah 29:11. Now the Atlanta-based singer is prepping a new CD and the first song out of the gate is the catchy and rhythmic track, “B.O.S.S.”. It’s just a taste of what’s to come from this dynamic and inspirational artist.

Hailing from the streets of Detroit, Michigan, Sharetta-Nicole was raised by her parents with nine siblings. Almost from the start, her childhood was a troubled one. Recounting the harrowing story, she says, “I was molested at a very young age by a brother and an uncle. When I was 12 years old, I lost my father in an unfortunate and tragic medical accident. Responding to the screams of my mother, my brothers and I ran to the bedroom to find my father lying against the bed on one knee dying. In my heart and spirit I felt my father’s spirit leaving the room and I knew right then and there that my father was not returning back home to us. It appears as though a dental procedure that had taken place less than 24 hours earlier apparently caused a blood clot to develop, which led to a stroke.” Unfortunately, Sharetta-Nicole’s misery did not end there.

With her mother having to raise the children alone, life was tough. The cycle of loss and grief continued in Sharetta-Nicole’s life with the deaths of a niece, who died in her sleep, and another niece and nephew who passed away in a house fire. Her mother and sister were kidnapped and ultimately her sister was raped and her mother was murdered. Later on, she lost a brother to AIDS.

After going through stages of deep depression and even suicide attempts, Sharetta-Nicole was introduced to Jesus Christ at the age of 15. That one decision changed the entire trajectory of her life. Enduring what few can imagine, Sharetta-Nicole is quick to say that it was her faith that kept her going. “I know that God is in the midst of my testimony because He is the one that brought me through it all,” she says.  “I tell my story because I see and feel the power behind it; I believe it’s a source of strength and healing to those who have had similar experiences.  I know there are many people who can relate to physical and emotional pain, hurt, frustrations, feelings of abandonment, fears and the stresses of life. But I also know that there are many that can relate to the joy and peace that God gives you in a time of great need.”

Sharetta-Nicole has taken her life experiences and poured them into her music. An enthusiastic young woman of God, she is truly blessed. A multi-talented musician and vocalist since her youth, she is reaching the masses with her message and her music. Level One: Jeremiah 29:11 was the first studio album written and co-produced by Sharetta-Nicole.  The project was a Gospel infused style of modern music, diverse in its approach featuring styles from Contemporary Christian Music to worship to Holy Hip Hop. Songs like “Therapy” and “High Praises” were featured on the CD, helping Sharetta-Nicole acquire a strong fan base.

Now she’s readying her sophomore musical offering, as yet untitled. The new track listeners will hear first is the newly-released “B.O.S.S.”, a fresh-sounding, in-your-face song. Standing for “Better Off Saving Souls,” “B.O.S.S.” was inspired by the crucifixion of Christ. Sharetta-Nicole penned the song and says, “To me, a BOSS is someone who can endure and still come out on top,” she says. “That’s exactly what Jesus Christ did on the cross.” The bold track, combining a little pop with a little electronica with a little rap, flaunts Sharetta-Nicole’s strong vocals. Another favorite from the forthcoming release is “Holy’, a moving and reverent worship song. It’s a breathtaking love song to the Lord.

An Urban Inspiration Award Winner and a nominee for Atlanta’s Hottest Gospel Award, the Independent Gospel Artist Alliance Award and Rhythm of Gospel Award, Sharetta is one of the industry’s most talked-about newcomers. She’s opened up for Canton Jones, Rance Allen, Earnest Pugh and Martha Munizzi.

Blessed for the opportunities she’s been given and the doors God has opened, Sharetta-Nicole is grateful. “I’m committed to serving the Lord through the life that I am living, through my very existence and through this ministry,” she shares.  “God is doing great things in my life. This journey has not been easy but through it all, God has been by my side. I will forever give Him the praise.”

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