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Shawn Bigby

Shawn Bigby

Artist: Shawn Bigby

Label: Music2ChangeU Records

Single: Never Go A Day (Length 4:30)

About Shawn

  • Currently on tour with legendary Pastor John P. Kee and New Life
  • Has written for numerous artists including Earnest Pugh, NY Restoration Choir, First Cathedral Mass Produced by Kevin Bond, Twinkie Clark and others.
  • Producer Credits for Earnestly Yours Project Earnest Pugh (You Deserve It)
  • Praise and Worship Leader New Life Church Charlotte, NC, Pastor John P. Kee
  • Featured Lead on 2012 Stellar Award Winning CD Pure N Heart “Teen Pure N Heart Live”
  • Featured on latest John P. Kee single Walking in Favor with Zacardi Cortez and Pastor Kee

What Are Others Saying

“Shawn Bigby is the voice of modern day praise and worship. He has the heart of God and invites all worshippers into the presence of the Lord. – Bishop Jason Nelson

“Shawn Bigby puts the R in relevant! That totally describes his approach to Today’s Music Ministry! His vocals are impeccable, his writing insightful but most of all his Worship is transparent! Being able to share with him on a weekly basis has been a true blessing to me and the thousands that have experienced his essence! I love this Brother.” – Pastor John P. Kee

Shawn Is Available for:

  • Concerts
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Panels
  • Interviews

Contact: 864-387-6228

Connect with Shawn on:

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